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Just a hobby artist that loves to share in the joy of painting. Most of my stuff revolves around the WoW universe. The profile above however is a fan art my daughter and I did of Her and Cat, from the Peg and Cat pbs show. Older arts were done with a mouse, newer arts were done with pen pressure and ps.
Mikash by MinstrelofMyths                   Thadian Mikash The Coywolf by MinstrelofMyths

1. Family: Thadian was a foundling as a toddler he was sent to stay the Gilnean orphanage, until he was either claimed by his parents, or until a home was found for him. He spent some time as an indentured farm hand that was later adopted within the Mikash family. Due to unforeseeable accidents that were the death of his adoptive parents he had spent some time as a street urchin, until he became an unofficial mascot to a courtesan by the name of Sadie for some time in his youth. After the fall of Gilneas he was taken in by a druid, that went by the name of Telran. Telran became a close companion who had the patience needed to aid Thadian in the right direction to find the balance of his affliction, and to become self reliant adult. Later by ill luck he ran with a dysfunctional pack of worgens until it fell apart. Thadian has always had a difficulty when it comes to family, or a pack mentality. There's always a measured kept distance with people in general since the Mikash's tragic death, he considers and values his friends as the closest thing he has towards a family.

2. Work: Thadian is a hard, fun loving worker. It really doesn't matter what kind of work he does he always puts in a hundred and ten percent into what he is doing, and has fun while he is in the process. He can be found singing, or whistling, or even humming as he works. He has been everything from a pickpocket, street performer, handyman, chimney sweep, odd jobs, and currently a quartermaster on a merchant vessel. Yet, he has a problem with authoritarian rule, he could never be a soldier, or a guard, or work for one, he's too independent minded for such duties.

3. Hobbies | Talents : Thadian is a contact juggler, he has four glass orbs given to him by Sadie long ago which he has held onto all these years. He's typically seen juggling two of them when he is idle, all four when he is performing. He's ambidextrous, which he uses for his street performing of sleight of hand magic tricks, and while he is juggling. He's a bit of trickster, but all in all he is doing what he does for a smile, or to help others build a little confidence in themselves. He tinkers as well, he can make poisons, sticky bombs, and other fun explosive stuff that helps out when in a tight pinch.

4. Life: He has a dramatic up and down roller coaster of a life, yet he maintains who he is throughout. A survivalist confident scrapper by nature he takes the hurdles in his way with an opportunistic vision. When one door closes, another opens for him to slip in, sometimes he is noticed, sometimes with it's done with more subtlety. He is hardly seen brooding about what lady luck has handed him, he just rolls with what is offered in his life. He is very fluid, and opened minded when it comes to the world around him, and those within it. He rarely puts expectations upon himself, or for others to conform to. He will out right refuse to conform to other's ideals, and expectations of him, and if anything he will bolt at the chance if anyone one attempts to force such things upon him. If he is ever put in situations that pressure him to the extreme he has no problem fighting dirty to get out of them. If he can't escape a circumstance he will take the lumps that come with it until there is an opportunity to get out of it. He's a fun loving, free spirit, that just skirts around the fringes going wherever the winds take him. He can be seen grinning wickedly in the face of adversity, spitting in the face of rules and regulations, and running full throttle away from the face of conventional ideals of romance. In his mind nothing will tether him down from what he wants from his life.

5. Affliction: At first it was difficult for him to even accept that he was afflicted with the worgen curse. Although, it was obvious he was, but at the same time he had been young and still in that mind set that it may be that way with the others, there just was no way possible that he could be afflicted too. So that initial denial, was his way of rebuking the curse from existing within him, there really couldn't be anything wrong with him, after all he still felt like himself. Of course he was wrong, and it took him a lot of self work, and his friend the druid's help to get him to accept all portions of himself even those he might find distasteful. Everyone that was afflicted seemed to have a different approach as to how they maintained balance, there didn't seem a right, or wrong way from Thadian's perspective. Thadian went with what worked for him, he found if he ate regularly, if he exercised, kept his emotional state as even keel as possible, he didn't even have to shift forms at all. He could just be him if he gave a little to what the spirit energy within him was craving, if he curbed the desires and instincts life was just the same as it always had been. He would have gone on forever as that, if he hadn't met with the ' pack '. His ways of maintaining balance vastly changed during that duration of stay amongst them. He now is quite often seen in human form during the day, and in the evening as Worgen just to even out his emotional states, those urges he calls an itch to shift.

6. The games he plays: He can seem like a manipulative little shit, which he won't outright deny. He hates labels, he hates the societies standard of making others ashamed of who they are, he plays on that. He's quick to sniff out what seems to be poor self esteem, or any perceived weakness to turn it around to become a strength. Shyness, or bashfulness, for an example is just another tool to achieve what one wants out of a situation: Predators, those that believe they are powerful, are lured in by those appearing shy, or weak, it's intoxicating for those seeking to display their prowess and cunning. One can use either qualities to control another into what they want from the conversation, even if it's for a mere smile, or laugh. So, for those that believe they are too shy, or too weak, or feel insignificant about an attribute about their personality, he enjoys showing them the power and soon acceptance in who and what they are, that there is no right, nor wrong in how to be, that there is nothing weak about them. That no matter what is perceived as a weakness has an unseen strength behind it to be used as a device, individual self confidence is his personal goal. His intentions are good, but the end result doesn't turn out that way all the time. Thadian excels at this type game to add a dash of chaos into what others may expect from one another, to add a bit of mystery to what seems an innocent reaction. He likes to create a little bit magic and mystery in the world around him, and the people in it, without the use of arcane, or any other actual spun magic.

7. Intimacy : Thadian has absolutely no problem expressing platonic forms of physical intimacy no matter what form he is in. He speaks louder at times with physical body language than he does verbally. He is open to public displays of affection, a scent marking cheek rub in greeting, a shoulder pat to someone feeling uncertain, a kiss to the forehead in parting, a playful body roll on a lap of someone he is close to, toying with someone's hair, anything to express he feels good and comfortable in someone's presence. He has no problem with saying without words how much he values those individuals in his life, how special and priceless they are to him. Yet that is where it ends... He has big issues that cannot be changed when it comes to relationships beyond friendship, so he avoids them all together.

8. The character inspiration : I have always been fascinated by the Coyote and his relationship with everything throughout his long history. The Coyote was an originating animal founder within the now united states, he thrives there and no where else in the world. He can be found from deserts, to forests, in the urban life, and everywhere in between doing quite well for himself. He is the ultimate shape shifter, and survivalist. He has been seen as villain and the hero throughout the ages, no perception of him is entirely wrong, reviled and in the same token revered. His purpose is often misunderstood, as is his intent, because he uses that confusion of his nature as a tool to survive. He is fluid ever changing as his environment changes, he's resilient against adversity. He has been poisoned, hunted to the extreme yet bounces back time and time again, as if in pure refusal in defiance to be eradicated by another's means. He can hide in plain sight, or make his presence known, yet isn't a threat unless he is after what he wants, when he wants it. He may lure with dances of play, a smiling friendly coyote face with a trot of cunning grace, by and by bewitching one to forget he is always and will always be a predator. He is the maverick, the nonconformist, the individualist, the survivalist, he skirts about the fringes to survive, and will never be completely tamed. His tricks have worked, having always out witted those that would oppress his freedoms to be as he is meant to be. My thoughts on that is how Thadian Mikash, the Coywolf came to be. :D
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